Since its founding in early 2020, Sight into Insight has become home to numerous projects regarding the mission of utilizing word and image for more understanding in the world. Below are links to my two children’s books, Apples Kit Kitty and Empathy as well as You Are Home. You can also visit

“Understanding how others feel–empathy–plays a significant role in our lives. In this story, Apples Kit Kitty learns first hand how our words and actions can unfairly hurt others.”

Order Apples Kit Kitty and Empathy here.

“Abstract art may not always look like something easily recognizable, a theme this book utilizes to express concepts of ‘home.’ Sometimes, our home might seem like nothing more than walls and a roof, but home can also be knowing and feeling comfortable with yourself. This text aims to enlighten readers that their home resides within themselves.”

Order You Are Home here.

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